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Byron Trzeciak
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help4bis.com, post: 203977 wrote:
Kinda interesting though that all the items listed you use tools to determine that (with some experience I might add).

I’m not sure if you read that wrong? It says a tool cannot tell you..

As mentioned, tools have their place. For example I might run a tool to export all of the competitors backlinks. It’s then up to me to take that link and either a) see if I can create one on my own b) conduct outreach to engage with a website owner to gain that link or c) assist my client with content that can be used for said site.

I might use a tool to count keyword density because I’d prefer to do that then count every word on a page individually. It’s up to me to understand whether I believe the keyword density is too high or too low or whether the website in question has spammed the keyword so heavily it could result in a penalty.

Every SEO agency uses tools but it’s how they use and interpret the results that adds the value and gains results that meets the customers expectations. If their is a tool that does all of this then I’ll happily be corrected. I wish there was a one tool fits all or generic report I could run each month to do the job because it would save me some money.