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Byron Trzeciak, post: 203980 wrote:
I’m not sure if you read that wrong? It says a tool cannot tell you..

That is my line, and no I do not read it wrong…. that is why I said helps you to determine that.

Here is a link to some tools that will help you to determine that: although not perfect it does what it does.

To make you life a bit easier:
Check Backlinks
Compare Backlinks
Check Competition
Estimate PageRank
Compare PageRank
EDU Backlinks
GOV Backlinks
Google SERP Position
Keyword Density
Generate Keywords
Clean Keywords
Extract Meta Tags
Generate Meta Tags
Generate Robots.txt
Generate Sitemap
Website Speed Test
My Browser Details
Responsive Check
Check Headers
Obfuscate Email
Analyze Links
Get Source Code
Get Webpage Size
Ping Test
My IP Address
Website IP Address
Spider Preview
Whois Lookup
Indexed Pages Lookup
Blog Backlinks Lookup
Blacklist Lookup

No there is not one size fits all, YES a lot can be automated, that is why I mentioned some added intelligence… Is that added initelligence worth the $$ to pay an SEO agency for… Nope… I believe that was the esense of the initial discussion.

I am not going to discuss what tools i better or worse… merely question Why so expensive and time consuming.