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Byron Trzeciak
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AmberS, post: 203979 wrote:
Spending large proportions of money to ‘rent’ space off Google at the expense of creating quality marketing assets that you own is quite often short sighted. There are so many ways that you can gain an audience / conversions / customers / sales… online and Google is just one of them (and a sometimes volatile one at that).

I totally agree, diversity from Google is critical as well online and offline marketing. Having all your eggs in the Google basic can make for a very nervous and volatile business. You can easily satisfy Google and many other referring sites through content marketing.

The problem is most businesses are struggling to track, measure and understand where there conversions are coming from. For example I have a client with an online store who invests heavily in facebook / instagram. Yet over the past 12 months conversions have only occurred through direct traffic and organic traffic.

That’s not to say Facebook hasn’t affected the buying decision (very hard to measure) but the data shows some clues to where future investments should be made.

AmberS, post: 203979 wrote:
You definitely need a qualified person to read, analyse and act on the results of tools, metrics and analytics – is someone specialising in SEO the best qualified person to do this taking into consideration all the other ways of marketing a business????

I think SEO is a term businesses understand but more recently incorporates many terms such as inbound marketing, online marketing, content marketing and also tends to include content creation, link building, conversion optimisation, social media marketing and more.