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AmberS, post: 203979 wrote:
To throw the cat amongst the pigeons, why is SEO considered by so many small business owners as almost the sole method of converting online?

You definitely need a qualified person to read, analyse and act on the results of tools, metrics and analytics – is someone specialising in SEO the best qualified person to do this taking into consideration all the other ways of marketing a business????

Cat… we well past that… Big guns now :-).

Your second question…. you hit the nail on the head. It is possibly the wording I been looking for (born dumb and have not learned much allong the way… Ok Phd but that is about it :-)).

SEO at the moment feels like someone walking into your house and do a complete re-decorate because the rest of the world has it like that…. but it does not reflect YOU.

I do not think SEO only or in isolation from your other marketing ways is simply a big NO NO. Who knows your business and business feel better than the owner of the business (not going to argue if that feel is correct or incorrect).