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Byron Trzeciak, post: 203983 wrote:
I think SEO is a term businesses understand but more recently incorporates many terms such as inbound marketing, online marketing, content marketing and also tends to include content creation, link building, conversion optimisation, social media marketing and more.

I guess I’m saying that it shouldn’t, SEO is search engine optimisation and many good quality and productive marketing actions shouldn’t be done with SEO in mind.

When as a industry we just merge and blend very different skill sets and requirements into a three letter acronym we are misguiding the business owner. I have come across way too many online marketers or digital agencies who really just do very old style SEO (which for the most part don’t have the positive impact they once did, if not downright dangerous for small business). That isn’t online marketing, SEO isn’t marketing, it is a tool that marketers should be using. And the skills, knowledge and personality type that makes someone great at SEO, are different to those that make for a great marketer – yet so many SEO people are selling themselves as marketing consultants.

Certain things like an attention to detail with spelling (kind of important for keyword based SEO I would think), if I had a dollar for the amount of clients who have come to me for help after doing SEO with big name companies with shocking spelling mistakes throughout content, social posts and meta tags ARGHHHH!