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“The problem is most businesses are struggling to track, measure and understand where there conversions are coming from. For example I have a client with an online store who invests heavily in facebook / instagram. Yet over the past 12 months conversions have only occurred through direct traffic and organic traffic.

That’s not to say Facebook hasn’t affected the buying decision (very hard to measure) but the data shows some clues to where future investments should be made.”

Ok time to shine, elaborate… This is as clear as mud.

An SEO person comes to me telling me this, I will take my dollars and spend it on FB adverts instead… and here is why.

Some explanation:
Direct traffic usually refers to traffic from sources such as bookmarks, favorites, saved browser history, or direct url iteration into the browser, so that could be a facebook or instagram link.

Organic traffic generally refers to traffic from search engines that is of the non paid nature. However used in broad strokes it could refer to any traffic coming in from a non paid nature which does include direct traffic

Organic Search Accounts for Up to 64% of Website Traffic [Study] by Ashley Zeckman on Search Engine Watch

Here is an interesting article

What am I missing…