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AmberS, post: 203987 wrote:
No, it’s like a carpenter coming into your house and choosing your paint colours, furnishings, artwork etc… A good interior designer knows how to make your home reflect you while keeping up to date and structurally sound. In the same way a good marketing consultant can sell your business in the right way making sure it is up to date and technically sound. Some people can afford an interior designer, others can’t. It’s about choosing the best spend for your budget.

Yep, for that reason I think the best investment is to either learn how to do SEO or get an all under one roof. Marketing, Design and this SEO thing, so the person/organisation that works with you gets your feel (the softy side of things) and gets to know you.
It is not all about the keywords and what is on the page, it is more than that and as you rightfully pointed out SEO simply does not cut it.

Websites/pages are now a days such an integral part of the business appearal that it cannot be seen as stand alone.

Ps. spelling mistakes in keywords are actually not necessary a bad thing.