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AmberS, post: 203991 wrote:
But spelling mistakes- nope. So many SEO features where keywords are important are seen by the public. Web page content, page titles, meta descriptions… I think spelling is a quick,easy way that potential customers can judge your professionalism, attention to detail and quality so the possible SEO for misspellings I think is far out weighed by how your brand is seen online. No point ranking then turning people off and not getting a click through bad spelling.

Spelling is one of my biggest issues as a person, but as a business we have hired someone to fix that for us… (yes I know it is a weekness I have to fix).

Keywords should be spelled correctly fully agree, but not many AU audiences know if it is spelled correct or incorrect, let allong grammar.

For example i would not know the difference between outweighed and out weighed both are ok with me. Yet someone will say that only one is correct. If I search i would use out weighed…..

Being of non native english… I even notice that… I understand there is need for perfection. It is hard even for the best amongst us.
On this forum if spelling was key… i’d be terminated on the spot, fortunatelly most are forgiving. :-).