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My contention is that a small-medium business with a relatively limited marketing budget (less than $1000 per month as a rough guide) is far better off doing SEO themselves and not paying a monthly fee to an SEO company. Do you agree or disagree?

With the conditions you have applied (less than 1k) then I tend to agree.

1. Website content. A business owner should know their stuff, and spend a considerable amount of time crafting quality website content. No SEO company should ever be given responsibility for writing website content. Even if a business owner is not a confident writer they can do what they can and hire a professional copywriter to improve upon their work (while keeping the integrity of their ideas in tact).

Agree and disagree. There is a place for SEO companies to craft web content but I think this applies more to medium and large business. Most of the large enterprises I have worked for outsource parts of their web content creation. However, for small business I absolutely agree. For small business owners I would go as far as saying spending time on creating content is the most important thing they can do online. Yes, we all know google loves quality content but your current and future customers do as well. Content and be recut, re-distributed, promoted across digital channels, put in a blog, FAQ etc. One piece of content can go a long way. Some small business owners will say they don’t have the time for this but they need to make the time. They are the experts in their business and they need to spend time working on their business not just in it. So, if they are creating their own content what content help might they need? I think content ideation, content distribution and publishing, keyword research and optimisation, editing and measurement. Some of which can be automated, some cannot. Good ol’ fashioned advice won’t go astray either. Having someone tell them ‘what’ to do next goes a long way.