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help4bis.com, post: 208194 wrote:
I actually start to add more value on MOZ scoring than the Google page rank stuff (I believe google has not updated that for a while).

What is your take on that JohnW ?
In 20 years I’ve never used either of these or any other SEO company’s site scoring system for any but exploratory sessions.

I’ve tried some out but I could never find any benefit in their use.

To me, the two most important ranking issues are:

  • The specific search phrase used
  • The level of competition for it

Does anyone know a tool that can accurately report these parameters?

Lot’s try but as they don’t know the detail of Google’s algorithm nor how/when it changes…

IMHO, most small business SE referrals are lost because people don’t qualify for most of the relevant search phrases that people use.

I focus in this area for client results and these tools don’t help me with these issues.