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bb1, post: 208467 wrote:
No as it goes on further to say “It’s not a good investment of the clients money, or the agencies time, to be mucking around chasing low search volume terms. It’s pointless”

My point is that if its not a huge additional cost, why not.

I once spent 5 minutes and about $5 on a bit of local advertising and was told by one of the people who lived there that I was wasting my time, within 2 weeks I picked up a $20K plus a year contract, which I still have. A very small investment for a very very large ROI. I dont call that pointless, just very good marketing.

If you are going for online marketing, if you dont get your website in front of the potential clients, someone else will.

I’m not going to argue, but John is not suggesting for a minute that sites he works with will not show up on low traffic keywords, it’s just if you are going to pay someone 1,000 per month, you hope they are going to try and do more that get you an extra 10 views on your site per month.

He is saying you get those 10 views, plus the 1000 more. Makes perfect sense to me.

Further more, if you go to an marketing agency, and you all they do is put a $5 ad somewhere and hope, I assume you would be annoyed. Sure you got a big client, but I doubt that happens often