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John Romaine
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SocialStep, post: 208478 wrote:
I’ve worked in the industry for a while now too… admittedly I now focus on social media marketing, but yeah… hold back.

It’s a discussion that comes up time and time again because genuine SEO work costs money (or TIME – lots of it) for quality.

– Content creation
– Technical changes onsite
– Monitoring
– Social media campaigns (I consider it an important arm of SEO these days)
– Building relationships with other websites/businesses (although guest posting seems less effectual now?)
– Learning and keeping up to date with ALL changes to search engine algorithms and best practice

I can keep going but I think that may explain some of the costs and hurdles for a small business considering either option.

Exactly right. It takes time.

When a client provides me with a list of over a dozen competitor’s sites to go through, I can spend 2 days doing so. That’s 16 hours. At $125 an hour, that’s $2,000.

This is why it’s frustrating when I see companies offering SEO for $99 a month. It’s ridiculous.

Again, this stuff doesn’t just happen “magically”. In order to do it right, it takes real people, putting in real hours.