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John Romaine
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bb1, post: 208503 wrote:
I don’t mind toasted sandwhichs but prefer cheese please.

but seriously I agree, but your answer highlights the thing, We are on Flying solo, which is mainly small business’s, and yes Macca’s dont want to increase there “toasted sandwhich” sales, but BB1’s corner cafe would love to.

Its the audience that this forum is focussed on, even the title is small to medium not bigger. As a small or medium business, if we can sneak in that one extra search term, it could just bring us that extra customer or 2. yes the $20K contract is a bonus, but to a lot of this type of business, an extra few toasted sangers a week can be a lot.

No, you’re right. It comes down to customer profile.

Now I feel like a toasted sammich.