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Hi Amber,
You make a lot of good points about Internet marketing and the need for it to support the business marketing plan’s objectives.

And as Aidan says, there are some folk around here who came to SEO with a marketing education and background.

Marketing communications is only one part of the Marketing Plan but IMHO, what sets the various Internet communications channels apart from all others is that for the first time the business owner needs to implement delivery of his/her messages.

When it comes to delivering messages to potential clients by the small and micro businesses on FS, the choice for the vast majority of them is search engines, search engines or daylight.

I suggest that in this day and age, a marketing consultant must immerse themselves in the how, when, where, why, what of Internet communications delivery mechanisms in order to provide a rounded service to their clients.

PS Please send me a PM if you would like to chat about these issues.