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AmberS, post: 208650 wrote:
Good quality SEO can be expensive, slow to pay off and very time consuming, which for a small business needing to turn over money can be a big gamble when not implementing other short term marketing actions to get clients in the door.Most businesses could benefit from organic traffic.
However, it’s not the case all the time and I know of people that have turned down clients because their is no traffic for them to optimise to. I am sure it’s the same for people here.

SEO is about creating referrals through the search engines, and then offering advice / suggestions to ensure that the traffic gets converted by the customer.

I don’t think an SEO has to be a full stack marketer, and it’s a bit unfair to suggest they are giving poor advice because the offer search engine solutions to the problem.

If a business is putting all their marketing eggs in the SEO basket the they are the ones that need to be held to account, not the SEO company they engage.