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MatthewKeath, post: 208653 wrote:
Most businesses could benefit from organic traffic.
However, it’s not the case all the time and I know of people that have turned down clients because their is no traffic for them to optimise to. I am sure it’s the same for people here.

SEO is about creating referrals through the search engines, and then offering advice / suggestions to ensure that the traffic gets converted by the customer.

I don’t think an SEO has to be a full stack marketer, and it’s a bit unfair to suggest they are giving poor advice because the offer search engine solutions to the problem.

If a business is putting all their marketing eggs in the SEO basket the they are the ones that need to be held to account, not the SEO company they engage.

I completely agree and I think that often business owners need to educate themselves to know what to look for, to find the right fit for their needs.

My concern is with SEO companies portraying themselves to be more than what they are, implying that their advice is holistic when it is still quite Googlecentirc.

I guess I see it a lot where a company that is really SEO, promises a pile extra – content, social, web design and just don’t deliver because it isn’t their core business, but the way Google is going, they feel the need to move in that direction. Unhappy client then comes to us after spending quite a bit and often disillusioned as to how online marketing can help after said bad experience. It can be really difficult for business owners to know where to go.

I’d ask owners here not to write everyone off and ignore the quality professional help out there and DIY just because they had a bad experience. Which I guess is my point in this thread, to help those who have a marketing budget but have had a bad experience or are worried about being ripped off, have a few more questions they can ask, issues to think about and things to look for to find the right fit. You wouldn’t do your own electrical work just because 1 electrician wasn’t any good.