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Craig.Smith, post: 203868 wrote:
If you don’t good ones from this form, have a think about posting this as a contest on freelancer. Theres plenty of other people on there with a similar idea to outsource this. For a nominal amount (<$50) you could end up with 200 suggestions. I would just stipulate that the name needs to be available i.e. they must do ASIC search, trademark search, and domain name availability search on any suggestions. Name My Business Contests

this is terrific advice IMO, mostly………. as for “freelancer” i have had clients that have paid hundreds of dollars for logos that are available for $39 on different sites ,


one client came to me and said ” wow i only paid $499 for my logo, only for me to show them the person purchased it for $39 of that website !!!

domain name is the FIRST place you search, then you search for trademarks, then you search asic and here is the reason why, ASIC is slack ! , there is only ONE domain name, there is ONLY one trademark ( in a sector ) [ dove is a soap and dove is a chocolate ] { also NOTE: the trademark people IP australia do NOT give 2 hoots about YOU, they just take your money and you have to deal with the legal issues }

ASIC, ……easy, they just do not care, if you can get the domain but the business name is register by someone that hasn’t yet GOT that the internet is here to stay then just register ” whatever you want + dry cleaning ” ( i hope you get the analogy ) just ad extra words and you business name will be registered

hope that helps?