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Firstly I would get advice as to whether it would be prudent to establish a company in the US that is to provide these services. We just setup a Delaware LLC that is wholly owned by our Australian client company to run their US operations. It will be very dependent on time there and dollar value but it can make life easier for you.

You need to look at a whole host of things for the Visa, best bet would be to consult a migration agent/lawyer in the US, but may be even better to consult lawyer about the entity issues who can then refer you to the migration side of things.

Are they being paid in AUD by you, are they there continuously or 3 months there 1 month here, are they there because no locals have the skill.

Very important thing to note in USA is that their employment, tax law etc varies greatly state to state. It can be very painful and feel like you are dealing with multiple countries rather than states in the same one.