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KJCastillo, post: 203879 wrote:
Hi all,

Need help with importing a product from China. At the moment I’m a little clueless.

So I need to import 20 cartons, the measurements p/carton 60*38*45CM and each carton weighs roughly 13kg – so 260kg altogether. The agreement is Ex works so I guess that means I need a freight forwarder to organise pick-up from their factory all the way to port here. And when the product arrives in Australia do I also need to hire a customs broker to clear it through customs?

Hope I can speak to someone who can assist me. I’m a little worried how much this is going to cost me.


Ashish and his team at Imex Sourcing are fantastic. Visited them recently in Guangzhou and cannot speak highly enough about them. They are knowledgeable, helpful and definitely value for money.

Iris helped me through the massive Canton Fair and I would not think about sourcing from China without their help.

Good luck,