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gazdevel, post: 203964 wrote:
Ashish and his team at Imex Sourcing are fantastic. Visited them recently in Guangzhou and cannot speak highly enough about them. They are knowledgeable, helpful and definitely value for money.

Iris helped me through the massive Canton Fair and I would not think about sourcing from China without their help.

Good luck,


Howdy Garry,

Welcome to the forums, as you are new around here maybe pop in to introduce yourself so we know a little about you and what you do :) we are a friendly bunch around here…

Big praise for a sourcing company, so many of them at the fairs isnt there? How’d you go, was it your first trip and new business? My suggestion for your next visit, start your day at 9am before hall doors oopn and head to the basement and grab a Starbucks to get you going.. its generally quiet in the AM and then you can map your footsteps out so you are not backtracking too much.. Biggest hint i could give anyone… Have taken many people with me on my visits, actually i have arranged a few trips for people funny enough (but i am not selling anything here like that) and the one true gripe of newbies at this event is that they tend to back track so much that they are exhausted through and through by days end..

Look forward to learning more about you mate and your experience at the show and why IMEX received such a large compliment from you (awesome you found each other again on this forum too)…

Be well

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