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Hi Mr Lang

Interesting, not sure i am aware of the ‘leak’ although i am fairly certain that it would not be from Alibabas side, just saying. Although i could be wrong..

Those sites are interesting, fairly easy to spot the difference if you are a regular user of Alibaba though.. Such as:
– No favicon
– Chat interface is different
– Footer is different
– Disclosure of company name looks different on the dodgy one
– Layout (harder to pick) is also a little different with colours, wording and navigation (add to favorites etc)

What is this Scam? I think it may be two fold, on to gather your login details (i didnt click to investigate) and also to encourage fake purchases…. :(

Re this post, i think you should remove those links as well and show a screen shot rather thank linking to the dodgy site.. Reason is that it may have an IP capture or something that will ping back to people that visit it.. Just saying…

Re how they obtained your details.. Could simply be a trawl of your web site (if have) or you posted a buying request, or someone that you have contacted legitimately has passed on your details to a dodgy contact (or there legit business is also dodgy and they are funnelling you off to the dodgy site) or they themselves may have had there alibaba site hacked and they can see your initial email to them..

Be well


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