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I did it as part of NEIS.

Passing was a requirement to get accepted to the scheme, the mentoring comes after you’re accepted (that’s my recollection).

The provider did do the whole box and dice for NEIS but the certificate was a certification to the national standard (not just NEIS)

I actually elected not to proceed with the NEIS scheme (long boring story) but I still got the cert 4 certificate.

I’m not sure if it’s the same with all NEIS providers, but the course format was really based around building a business plan allied to the business idea that I proposed.

Even though I had been in business, or self employed for most of the 40 odd years I’ve been working, I found it a good course, challenging even (I’d expected to be bored stiff) … may have been the exceptionally good teacher/tutor doing the course.

If you are fairly new to the business world it would probably be a great help in covering a lot of bases that could be painful to learn the hard way (losing money).

In a more general sense I’m not convinced it would help much in getting a job unless you had some experience to go with it.

If nothing else I guess it proves you have a brain and some clues about how a good business should operate.