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Severelylost, post: 204029 wrote:
Thanks for the added info. I’m not interested in signing on for NEIS but thought the course itself might be worth doing. I have fairly basic understanding of marketing, but what I know about finances and legalities and business plans could fill a teaspoon. I only really want to do it for me, not for employment opportunities.

I especially liked the idea that the course would run with a specific focus on my business idea rather than abstract examples, but as you say it depends on the provider’s quality. I am actually trying one of Open Uni’s free classes and so far I like it but I’m worried that it won’t be as good with other tutors or courses. You are right, this is OAU; same organisation, just TAFE courses on a different site.

Given you want to do it for yourself, I think it’s a good way to get the basics across quite a wide range of info. in a reasonably compact format.

The financial planning side for a business and the potential risks was very well done in the course I did.

I don’t think the courses are identical, but must touch certain aspects (surely financial planning) for the provider to attain accreditation.

My main comment when I was doing the course was that I wished someone had got me to do something similar 30 years ago … might have saved some grief and definitely money.

A well researched and presented business plan can save a lot of wasted time and capital executing what turns out to be a dud. It can also offer some credibility to outside investors or banks.

Overall my OUA experience was positive, but this skeptical old brain couldn’t help doing the maths on the money some courses make (and why it’s a business).

One subject I did was compulsory to a couple of different Degree streams, in an average 13 week block (3 blocks a year – some subjects 4) to do the subject there were 250 registered students at $1000 a head … very outdated PDF course notes, and a tutor already handling the “on campus class” as well, and not that interested in online interaction. Pretty good leverage with one part time tutor :)

Having said that, some stuff was brilliant and worth every cent.

Good luck with it if you proceed.