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estim8, post: 204032 wrote:
Given you want to do it for yourself, I think it’s a good way to get the basics across quite a wide range of info. in a reasonably compact format.

The financial planning side for a business and the potential risks was very well done in the course I did.

I don’t think the courses are identical, but must touch certain aspects (surely financial planning) for the provider to attain accreditation.

Thanks. Mostly I want to have that financial/management knowledge to feel more confident going forward.

My main comment when I was doing the course was that I wished someone had got me to do something similar 30 years ago … might have saved some grief and definitely money.

A well researched and presented business plan can save a lot of wasted time and capital executing what turns out to be a dud. It can also offer some credibility to outside investors or banks.

I wish I’d thought to do it half a decade ago. The problems with being an accidental flyer is that you come at things in a haphazard fashion. I never took it as a serious business, just extra ‘pocket’ money; so my business arrangements were more akin to a Pollock painting than anything else.

Overall my OUA experience was positive, but this skeptical old brain couldn’t help doing the maths on the money some courses make (and why it’s a business).

I agree, which is why I’m looking for feedback. Not going to give them a large chunk of savings unless I can be assured it’s worth it. I may have a look at local TAFEs, but I think OA will be a lot cheaper and more convenient.