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jedazzy, post: 203942 wrote:
Hello guys!

Finally, finally, finally launched my online store on the 11th November (11/11, see?)

It’s an online bookstore for Filipino children’s books to give an additional resource for parents who want to raise bilingual children (English and Tagalog).

Since its launch 2 weeks ago, I was able to advertise on Facebook (Shopify gives $50 credit) and has used Google AdWords (Shopify also gives $100 credit). So far, I’ve sold 8 books :)

I am open to your feedback on the following:
1. Overall look and feel / your first impression
2. Anything I can improve on the navigation / content, etc.
3. I offer a flat rate shipping of $8. I had a convo with one of my friends that if somebody only wants to buy 1 book that costs $5, maybe the shipping cost of $8 would turn them off. My intention is to for my customers to actually buy more than 1 book. What do you think?

Please visit http://www.filozchildrensbookstore.com.au

Thanks, guys! :)

Congratulations on getting the website up and running. Overall it looks pretty good. The only thing I would suggest is that the theme you are using is not responsive i.e. does not cater for mobiles and tablets. The mobile and tablet users make up around 50% of all users now, so you will be alienating a large proportion of potential customers.