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AmberS, post: 204208 wrote:
Hi, it looks great, branding and visually just right for the market- even though the current site isn’t fully responsive I found it ok to use on my phone as it isn’t too busy or cluttered.

With shipping, possibly build part of the shipping into the product price then offer free shipping for over $50? May encourage people who seriously want to help their kids be bilingual to grab a pile.

They say your brand/ product has to be seen around 6 times for people to buy…. Keep out there, keep up with the social networks, join as many Filipino groups as you can find and start interacting, see if they will showcase the books on their sites or pages . That way you can target and build a community around your market.
Best of luck, the books look great.

Hi Amber, thanks for the valuable feedback!
I will consider your suggestion of free shipping over a certain amount. I’ll have to go back to my Excel file again and calculate :)