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Facebook adverts… YOU… darn boy… took you a while to get into the 21st century :-).

We done a little bit, as mentioned you can really target your audience.
There are a few options you can create like your page or post or website.

I think if you do an advert use ]hashtags like #help4bis (you should use another one, this is just an example) and the @help4bis

Reason being that you can use those things as keywords to drive people back to your discussion or post.

Include short links in your posts and adverts, this to make it easier for mobile users to find and to type in.

Have the user to action something…. for example have them click on a shortlink so you can see where the traffic or user comes from and is located.

Then you have the FAN pages, I think they are declining not sure have to go back to my notes…. FAN pages are the most sure way to get liked. Users have to click like before they can see what you post.

Have you looked at:
– Hootsuite, you can have it post for you on the best posting time related to your social networks… (We are hootsuite partners so happy to help but also mentioned as I am biased)
Linkedin post
FB thingy but for sure you seen these.
– Social examiner

(ok I get of the forum now :-))