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JohnW, post: 204056 wrote:
Hi Amber,
With respect, I’m not writing off Facebook and I did not say don’t advertise on it.

I was specifically referring to the tactic of using it to advertise for “likes”.

PS. It is “these guys” and the USA Inspector General’s observations that are referenced above.

Your dismissal of page promotion seems to based on this article and video, concerns I have with statements like “worse than useless” are that those results are not the same for everyone or every business. The Virtual Bagel example mentions they advertised purposefully in countries known fro Facebook like spam. Without knowing how the rest of the campaigns were targeted (he just mentions broad country targeting and ‘cat lovers’) – this seems to me to be exactly the sort of Facebook promotions the ‘buy your likes’ guys are looking for. Something is going on with this video and example (it makes for great, controversial link bait) because I have never seen it across different markets, different countries – not saying it can’t and doesn’t happen, saying it isn’t a given that a page promotion will end in spam likes

I can speak from my experience and page promotions, when used well, in targeted bursts with a clear intention and follow up do work – to increase legitimate likes, to increase organic engagement and drive quality web traffic. I certainly wouldn’t recommend throwing $630,000 at it without checking what traffic it was attracting.