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Hey Jason,

Nice site.
It seems that you may need to define the end goal before starting. Is it to gain more following on FB, to generate engagement or to sell more products?

If it is to sell more products, I would not run a campaign on FB aimed at getting more likes.

I would instead run a campaign to a very specific offer on your site and run a website conversion campaign. Generally the better the offer, the better the response. For example, I’ve seen printing companies running rock bottom price offers on FB with great success. This is because they can afford to do that, as they understand the value of gaining a new client.

As an example, you could run a campaign on something from http://simplyreplica.com.au/product-category/tolix/ since it low barrier and could get some sales. Try and stack as much value on the offer as possible.

You mention the audience being female + 25/40ish….
The great thing about Facebook is the Audience Insights tool. You’ll be able to really dig deep into that audience. The more specific you go the better your campaign.

Better still, you website already getting a fair amount of traffic (2-3k per month) so what I would do if I was you, is create a website custom audience. The process is quite simple.

Facebook give you a bit of code to place on your site, and it begin collecting you audience, so that you can then market to that audience on FB, you can do and probably get a great ROI since those visitor have already been on your site.

However, what you can do instead, is build that audience, then create a “lookalike audience”. So FB will look at your website visitors and generate a similar group for you!

This work very well in defining your audience on FB.

I hope this helps.


SimplyReplica, post: 203950 wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Hope the weekend was great :)

Silly question and i will apologise upfront as i am not entirely sure how best to ask it so if it is fairly broad in its query or vague feel free to just bounce it back at me to refine..

We have come to the conclusion that we now need to engage a little more (a lot really) in the social mediums available such as facebook.. Facebook being our first port of call to check out.. This is something we have known for a little while although not given it the attention required or expected in todays environment. So, where are we at and why the post?

Am currently looking at running a campaign of sorts through facebook advertising to get more page likes and engagement and am a little confused on what would be the best approach: This is where it gets vague, why?

We know that you can merely publicise (promote) a recent post or your page or have an advert on the side of the FB page to push people through to you… My query is what is the best way to go about increasing traffic to our page and ultimately our site? Which of the three methods is best or a mixture is best?

We have refined our audience to female + 25/40ish etc etc..

Truly, i would love if someone that has past experience could just belt out an overview of what should/could be done to be a little more effective i would be grateful… Any knowledge shared from your experiences in this area would be well received.

Thanks in advance, hoping to run with something later today on FB to get the ball rolling :)


ps.. i dont mind reading if anyone has any good links as well as i know everyones time on here is precious 😮