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Jenny Spring, post: 204148 wrote:
Hi John
Usually you are right on the money, however this information is about getting Likers. This isn’t about using Facebook as an advertising platform. Apples and oranges. Facebook is another method of attracting traffic, and its a beaut!

Jason was referring to Facebook advertising.
Hi Jenny,
I have no problems with using Facebook advertising correctly.

I posted the warning because Jason’s original post said:

“Am currently looking at running a campaign of sorts through facebook advertising to get more page likes…

Regulars of FS will be aware that threads about advertinig for Facebook likes are posted regularly.

If you search on FS for, “advertising facebook likes” there are 7,840 pages returned and this thread is top of the list.

It is good that you and Amber are providing advice on the proper use of Facebook advertising.

I humbly suggest that my post was accurate, did relate to part of Jason’s question, if not as he intended it, then certainly as it was stated.

I’m sure there are other folk reading this thread who found the warning about advertising for “likes” informative and useful.