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I had not intended to jump back in here but in case folk don’t think the issue is real, what better place to research it than Facebook?

Here is a sample of Facebook Community questions from irate Facebook advertisers.

Is advertising giving me “fake” likes.
Matt, “I have noticed that the more page “likes” I’m getting from paid advertising, the less interaction and feedback I’m getting. I notice that the people who are liking my page from paid advertising don’t seem like genuine users.”

James:I have just ruined my 3-year established page completely by paying FB for a campaign to boost my page likes from 3k to 23k likes. My engagement has gone through the floor and all I want to do is delete the 20,000 new likes as they have actually made my group useless. I am so effing furious that FB tells you to buy their ads (to boost page likes / engagement etc), then screws you (every mug like me that has paid to boost page likes is now finally realizing that if you buy likes from ANYWHERE including FB, your engagement shoots down – ie how many people see your posts will simply get smaller and smaller).
And the worst bit – NO-ONE AT FACEBOOK WILL EVER GIVE YOU A SOLUTION OR EVEN JUST A REPLY. I’ve just given them $2,000 in ad revenue. Others are right this minute paying billions to FB only to ruin their own pages.


Suspicious likes through Facebook Advertising.
Josh: “i am pretty annoyed that i am paying for likers that are not remotely interested in my page. Facebook, Can YOU answer why this is as its come through YOUR advertising system”

Fake Facebook Likes.
Frank, “I need this looked at immediately. We threw in thousands of dollars into help our business grow on facebook into Facebook promotions. What we got was thousands of likes from fake users in Brazil. Not one of these users engage. WE NEED THIS FIXED.”

Jason, “Same position, I am helping my friend’s restaurant with his page however it is extremely difficult because he purchased likes from this company who got him a bunch of profiles that seem to be bots.

It skews the data and it proves difficult to do proper marketing. Would appreciate a Facebook representative to provide a solution about getting rid of the likes.”

How do I remove fake likes from my business page? (Gating the page doesn’t work).
Rachel: “Like many users who have complained, I paid for targeted advertising and instead received completely irrelevant users. Now only 18 people are seeing my posts, regardless of “quality.” I once was able to remove individual users, but no longer seem to have that option.

I have gated the page so that the country these users all seem to be from (100% from Iraq) should theoretically be removed, but they are not.

Now what? I paid money for this product and it has ruined the social media I have built. Do I need to start from scratch now?”

Facebook’s reply:Only the age restriction setting removes people from your Page.”

Karen:Exactly the same problems and No, I won’t be giving facebook anymore money. I have nearly 3000 real customers and facebook show my status to just 20-30 people? I have fake bad reviews from people who have never bought from me, lowering my star rating. What a farce!”

Julie-Anne: “So frustrating. I am in the process of loosing everything I have built up over the last year adn can’t get any response form Facebook. grrrrrrr!!!

It seems the fake likes problem is bad enough for someone to set up a website dedicated to it: https://www.removelikes.com/. I have no idea whether this site is useful as I’ve never used it.

Newbies, I suggest you find a specialist who knows what they are doing before you jump into Fb advertising.

Do Facebook Ad managers offer guarantees against this sort of problem? It would be a big draw card to me.

Caveat emptor (buyer beware)