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AmberS, post: 204173 wrote:
I find evaluating all options available in different situations to be useful in our business – rather than dismissing something off-hand.
Perhaps you missed these comments of mine in four of the posts above:

“With respect, I’m not writing off Facebook and I did not say don’t advertise on it.”

“I have no problems with using Facebook advertising correctly.”

“Newbies, I suggest you find a specialist who knows what they are doing before you jump into Fb advertising.”

(To Fb consultants: ) “In your area, I’d start promoting this mission critical (and widely misunderstood) Facebook issue to the utmost to justify the need for your specialist knowledge and services.”

I’ve tried to make it abundantly clear that I’m NOT dismissing Facebook advertising off-hand.

There are clearly situations that have arisen which have resulted in wasted money and ruined Fb pages. The thread starter is a self-professed Fb newbie. In which case, I make no apology for posting a warning to him and it seems others who found it intereting. Given a similar thread, I will post similar warning links on FS again and again.

It seems our discussion should be closed.