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N45H, post: 204157 wrote:
Thanks everyone for your input, especially the LOLs about Tim Ferris, my thoughts exactly. So it sounds very much like the monetised blog golden era is quite dead, if not close to it. I might have a think about some other ideas.
I think my problem is with the word “passive” income.

Whether or not anyone agrees with Mr Ferriss is irrelevant. He seems to work damn hard at earning his income.

I suggest you Google, “how to monetize your blog”.

Lots of suggestions offered, none of use if you want “passive income”. The useful ones will all talk about hard work and long term returns.

It seems to me the “golden era” primarily refers to a time when the blog topic pickings were less competitive. If you are going to do any online marketing, you must expect competition to increase dramatically and in ways we can only guess at today.

You are talking about an industry that is easy and inexpensive to enter, is subject to huge changes in the levels of competition, where the technological and distribution channels morph into unforseen areas every few years.

The only thing that has not changed in the 25 years of its existence are the facts that there are still only two ways people can find your information:

a. They already know its address and type it into their browser or pull it from their Bookmarks. (This is largely the expensive world of off-line promotion.)
b. They click a hypertext link

The biggest problems everyone faces are how to get their links in front of potential customers’ eyes and how you can encourage them to click your link.

2008 Google: “We knew the web was big…
“The first Google index in 1998 already had 26 million pages“… “how big the web is these days… 1 trillion pages” – This was for the year 2008!

Feb 14: 28 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Google
Now it is seems 60 trillion pages is where its at.

The biggest marketing problem on the Internet for everyone is the explosively escalating difficulty, complexity and increasing cost of getting links to their blog or web page in front of their target audience’s eyeballs.