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Definitely – like Tony said it’s hard to give you any advice without knowing what industry you’re in and what work you do.

There’s two main ways to charge for most service-based work: hourly or project-based.

If you don’t like hourly, then you need to work out what complete projects, packages or service-offerings you can create and charge a client for the total package. In working out the cost of the package you need to determine how much time you believe it will take and of course, examine the hourly rate you would be making. But this info doesn’t make it to the client. They just get the end result fee with a list of inclusions.

Be very specific with your inclusions so the client knows exactly what they’re getting for the money they’re paying. If they need changes, amendments, extra work etc, know if advance what you will charge them on top of the project fee.

Other wider ideas would include incorporating a product into your service offering and selling that product to grow your business. It may be an information product or a physical product – but it can add revenue and help you grow your business (either by showcasing your knowledge through information or becoming memorable by selling something unique within your industry).

If you want to let us know more maybe we can be a bit more specific :)