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I predate mobile phones and being out on site all day, most of my calls were late into the night or early morning.

Used to take it off the hook at 5.00am when it was busy so I could eat breakfast, and I’d often still be ringing and taking calls at 10 pm.

An absolutely insane way to live.

Mobiles saved my life. I only give clients a mobile no. Turn it on at 7.00 and off at 7.00 … anyone that can’t get me in12 hours can try again tomorrow.

Grumpy old man maybe, but any client that rang me at 10pm (regardless of status) would now receive a stream of abuse.

One tactic I used to use with persistent clients that rang late, was to return a call at 5.00 am with the info they wanted and explain that this was the start of my day … most got the hint.

Guess it’s tough in some businesses that provide an “on call” type service, but hopefully your getting compensated financially enough to reflect the pressure.

Working late to suit kids is fine, I’d just be inclined to not let clients know that you are if possible, or set a cut off time as to when you’re available.