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Interesting thread, have been checking back in to see the replies and am quite interested to read them.. especially the old school boys ;) returning calls at 5am.. LOL – Love it!

Whilst i commend your willingness to take a call at 10:30 at night and do the letter within 10 minutes, i find it hard to advise (although know you are not asking for it) if this is suitable.. Why? because i am uncertain on the parameters you have set with your clients, although from the comment about taking the call and doing the work it may appear that clients feel you are at there beck and call 24×7.. Not sure if this is good or not though, just observation.

For me, i would never take a call at 10:30pm from a client although would happily reply to an email if i wanted to.. or was awake, not sure i would from my bed and not sure i would tell them i was in bed either.. LOL…

It always comes down to what is important to one person may not be as important to the other. If you value your customer and your ability to work these hours, do it, although i am not sure someone could pay me enough to get out of bed and type something up 😮

If you are not happy to continue to do calls at that hour, it may be hard to alter this customers perception, although moving forward you should make it clear of what hours they can contact you by phone (and dont answer outside those hours) although advise they can email you and if you can reply you will… Sometimes, you can potentially introduce a slight variation in pricing for anyone requiring your immediate attention if it is possible for you to offer..

Its like my old corporate days, when next level management would ask you to do a new task that needed to be done urgently (and sometimes it was later than 10:30 at night when asked) when your plate was already full.. My simple reply would be to shoot back the current list of urgent matters i was attending to (all with similar deadlines) and ask which they would like culled in order to complete this new task – sometimes they would authorise deletion of previous priorities and other time just say ‘add it to the list and you have an extra 24hours’ then the negotiations would begin..

In your case, above wouldnt work directly although you could pose the question of what would happen if its to you on Monday? Or, i have a few other urgent requests that are paying me a premium to work at these hours and could get to yours later tomorrow, what time tomorrow is best to call you re this?

Oh my, another long thread.. cutting it short..


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