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We run a motel, so the phone rings at all hours. 3am phone calls – do have a room? If l hear it l will get up lift the phone off the hook and put it down again. One time the phone rang at about 11.30pm, just got to sleep the phone rang. Ignored the ringing phone. Went back to sleep, the phone rang again, ignored it. Then the night bell went off. Threw clothes on and checked them in (l charged them a lot more for my broken sleep). We also have people phoning at 6am. It is part of the business but if a client wants a letter at that time of the night ASAP and you do it charge them for it. Particularly if it was not vital. Yes you need the business but at times you have to take a stand. Invest in a good recorded message and turn it on when you are having your meals and after a certain time. I can be interrupted at breakfast time, evening meals – check in time (lost count of how many things have been burnt and under done) .But never, but never lunch time.