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my friend has an interesting scale of charges which i can not remember exactly but here is the idea

9-5pm $xxx p/h
monday to friday after hours $ xxx p/h
weekends $xxx p/h
you want it RIGHT NOW ! $xxx p/h
so you want to give up my total weekend ! $xxx p/h

she actually sends that list to clients.

this sends a message to your clients in advance

i personally work from 10am as thats how i prefer it, i’ve got young kids and school etc and i have TRAINED my clients as i use to get phone calls at 8.30am when i was trying to get the kids ready, now EVERY client plays by my rules, you just have to set the rules from the start and explain them.

i state to clients i work from 10am to 6pm, it works for most people, i state that if they can have an afterhours contact but it MUST be booked.

i personally work till midnight most nights but i have learnt that you should not send email replies that show you are still working at 11.50pm…. save the email and send it in the morning.

i have found sending them a HUGE invoice for your inconvenience stops this type of communication from clients.

just some thoughts from my experience