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Let me preface this by saying i had a huge reply to this post and opted to delete it.. Then i seen lovely Kelly’s reply and thought, how succinct.. and was inspired to add a simple little comment:

Running a business requires many things to be performed, routinely, with each requiring time to be allocated to it.. If you break down what is important (as Kelly sort of says) and identify it as being a task that is required, you will be able to work through anything that is put in front of you.

Be it: BAS, Phone Calls, Emails, Marketing and the likes..

From a tradies perspective (sorry just mean someone offsite and not in an office as you appear to be) it can be more difficult although its important to either allocate a time at the start of your day (although i am sure you start very early) or at the end of the day where you spend 30 minutes tending to the administrative side.. Turn off your mobile and give it your 110% attention/focus and you will be ok..

If, as you say, by the time you get home you just want to eat and sleep may i ask is this 7 days a week? as you will need to wind back somehow to pay attention to the menial tasks, because if you do not you could cause yourself personal harm (mental and physical) and worse still have a business implode from lack of attention.

From memory i seen a reply of yours regarding sacking customers where you mentioned that sometimes you have a free day that comes about when you have to allocate 4 days to a job but only use 3 as completed early (or there abouts)… What do you do on this ‘spare day’?

Understanding i didnt answer you directly, just wanted to provoke some thoughts.. for me, i do the following:
1. create a daily to do list… Get as much done as possible between calls, emails, customers and the likes and carry over whatever i cant (or couldnt) complete that day to the next

2. respond to ALL my email in the AM, and then periodically check during the day

3. prioritise anything that could be monetised.. sales queries, leads, follow ups on previous customer queries and the likes

4. enjoy my coffee, or a personal chat with a friend mid morning

5. Always hold myself accountable to what i know needs to be done…

Re BAS etc, i only pay attention to it quarterly as i keep my MYOB up to date daily as i like to know where my business stands on a day by day basis.

Anyways, another long post.. not sure if it was as long as the one i deleted.. but sorry for taking up a chunk of your thread…


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