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Earthmover, post: 204045 wrote:
sorry if this is in the wrong section

i’d love to know how everyone organizes themselves and manages to do all the admin tasks like banking, accounts, marketing, updating websites etc for their business?

When i get home at the end of the day all i can do it eat and sleep, how do you find the time to do everything that you need to do? I just cant seem to get myself organized so my bas, bills, website, emails, quotes etc are all overdue (especially BAS and income tax). And somehow i have to fit in time to study as well since I’ve gone back to study too!

do you have a routine or tips to get things done faster?
i’d love to outsource things like my book keeping but so far not making enough money to be able to spend any extra


I tried outsourcing my book keeping for a while, but I just found that the book keepers dont have any real interest in your business, so I was finding errors, or things just not been done correctly. At the end of the year the accountant was finding to many issues as well, which was costing me more with him as well.

My solution was to just set aside 20 minutes each night to bash away at the keyboard, my invoices are much better, no more errors, and my accountant now has nothing to complain about. I know they say do what you are best at, and let the “professionals” do what they should do, but I am now doing what the bookeepers took 5 hours a week to do badly, knocking it over it about 2 hours and getting a far better job done. So cheaper in the long run.