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Sounds like an interesting business; one that could be very successful in a few years!

Here are a couple of notes you could think about in terms of development and marketing:

1. Make sure that the 7 pillars each have their own expert. In my business, I have affiliations with a lawyer, trademark specialist, web developers, SEM/SEO specialist and Social Media Marketing specialist. If someone came in and told me they could replace each relationship and offer me a one stop shop, I would hesitate because I know that each person I work with has a business in their related field because they know it backwards. I’d want to see a breakdown of each person offering their expertise for each area, and I wouldn’t want to see one person overlapping two areas (because then they become more of a generalist than a specialist), unless the areas were very closely related.

2. Given the offering, I would assume your target market to begin with would be small businesses growing fast (i.e.: just adding admin/hr/staff training to the mix), with the “big” fish being a medium-large business with multiple offices where your services could provide a structured and consistent analysis of their functionality across the divisions you mentioned.

3. If I’m right about your target market, then there is no shortcut to marketing. B2B marketing is difficult and requires forming and keeping strong relationships and growing through referrals.

Your best bet is networking events (including trade shows) that cater to this target market, and cold calling. Industry magazine advertising may also work. Business cards handy because you never know who you’ll run into, and a perfected “elevator pitch” (I know most people say these aren’t worth it anymore, but if you can’t clearly articulate your service offering in under 2 minutes, no busy decision maker (which is your target market) will take the time to listen (or take you seriously).

The difficult thing about consulting b2b is that these people rarely hop online and type in “all-in-one business consultancy”. They will trust referrals and people they know. You need to become someone they know.

Targeting small businesses with a couple of your offerings is easier, but cold calling is still probably (other opinions more than welcome!) your best bet. Not to push your product over the phone, but to make an appointment to talk. And in that appointment, make another appointment to come back and do a free analysis of their current processes, with a free report on your recommendations.

If they like what you have to say, they can bring you in (at your normal fee) and have you consult to the people affected by the processes that need to be changed, etc.

Do a great job, ask for a testimonial and say you’re more than happy to come back and consult on other areas.

Sorry for writing a lot. I get passionate about strategy lol.

I hope this helps in some way.