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RachelWrites, post: 204223 wrote:
The difficult thing about consulting b2b is that these people rarely hop online and type in “all-in-one business consultancy”.

I think Rachel hit the nail on the head here: in order to have a more “automated” lead acquisition channel, you need to define your services in terms that people are already searching for.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was: you don’t have to sell everything at once. Ascending sales models work very well for complex offerings; you want a simple “pre-product” that people instantly connect with and buy. As soon as someone buys something from you, they want to buy more from you.

The trouble of course is that it can take a tremendously long time to figure that out.

While you’re figuring out “product market fit”; what your pre-product is and how to sell it, who you’re talking to, where they’re located, etc. you will need to rely on the good old “do things that don’t scale” methodology: in-person networking, writing posts on forums (hey! like this one!), generally being a valuable type of person.

There are quite a few good “authorities” on the subject of finding clients quickly for services; two that come to mind are Brennan Dunn and Bryan Harris.

The thing I’ve found most interesting in my own quest to create a scalable, repeatable marketing channel for my various businesses is that you usually have to be a bit flexible about your idea. Don’t get too attached to the way YOU want to work BEFORE you have any clients. They’ll always want something fundamentally different to the way you offer it.

If you focus on figuring out the “initial sell” before anything else, then you can build upon that as you go, and with better results because you’ll be actively engaged with your target market.