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Hi All

Just a general comment on this post about receiving payments and appears to have been flirted with although not directly addressed in this post is relating to “what payment options are expected or should one accept?”

Personally, and being old school, a simple philosophy delivered to me is to not place any barriers in front of a client that may prevent them from buying. Meaning, why would you not accept AMEX, or Diners, or Paypal, or DirectDeposit or or or unless there is actual business logic for not doing so?

Business logic referring to the institution offering said service will not give it to you, not that it costs 2% of the processing fee?

If it becomes a deal breaker and the client wants to walk over you not accepting paypal/amex or whatever, have you benefited from losing this potential paying client simply over not offering a basic method of accepting payments? and potentially, as Matthew highlights, a $40 processing fee that would have had you deposit $1960 into your account – clear (not incorporating COGS here of course)?

Sometimes, in my past experiences in helping others in the SME space, it becomes a line in the sand that some business owners cant get beyond and potentially lose valuable clients over a ‘small’ fee to receive payments.. As i stated earlier, its about removing any road blocks to ensure you get a sale….

Cheers and hope my insights were not too far afield…

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