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Jade Taylor
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Hi Everyone,

The easiest system I have come across (what I currently use). I use a free online accounting system called wave, get it at waveapps(dot)com
It’s great, it’s free and I’ve never had a problem. Only thing I can’t do is payroll because it isn’t available in Australia just yet.
With wave you can signup for and integrate stripe (it’s like a 1 click setup). Stripe is amazing, it’s like the next paypal and one of the reps are on this forum if you have questions.
Stripe has recently released in Australia with AUS rates and it is half the price of paypal. I think it’s 1.75% + 30cents.
All you do is create your invoice in wave and hit email and it will send the invoice to your client and they can pay right from your invoice.
It can handle part payments and repeat payments. Also when people pay it automatically adjusts your accounting for you.

Hope that helps.