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Nick the Startup guy
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Robert Gerrish, post: 204109 wrote:
Good luck with this Nick, we’ll be interested to see the responses you get. Given the nature of your business, you may do well to consider more of a contra arrangement, where you give space to the individual in return for help and advice.

Is this something you’d consider?


Hi Robert and thanks for your interest.

I’m always open to a mutually beneficial business deal, particularly in the early stages but obviously I prefer paying customers but I try to value add where I can.

For example, one of the deals I’m offering startups is a basic website package, with professional photographs of their products or services (I’m also a pro photographer), plus 4 weeks access to my space along with loads of other inclusions like personal mentoring and help writing copy, creating marketing strategies etc.

All my coworking customers get promotion on my social media channels and website plus if they have products, they’re able to showcase them in my front window on a busy main road, something none of my competitors can offer.

All that said, anyone who would like to get involved in helping me create this wonderful new space is welcomed to get in contact. The more I can get involved with the startup community the better.