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From what I’ve read up until 2002 GS1 (or UPC as it was then) sold allotments of barcodes number ranges outright without the need for annual memberships and legally anyone who purchased those numbers could resell them freely.

GS1 lost a lawsuit in 2003 when they tried to backdate the membership model to previous sales, this is what allows various businesses to sell barcodes today outside of the GS1 membership model.

I can’t speak as to what the supermarkets allow however in either case it is a GS1 barcode being sold so it may relate to whether using the UPC code or the EAN code?

This document may be of interest as it covers a global agreement to mandate all POS scanners be required to read EAN and UPC codes since 2005 http://www.adams1.com/patents/2005-sunrise-gtin.pdf

If I remember, next time I go to the supermarket I’ll bring one of my barcodes along and run it though the selfserve to see if it reads