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Welcome to the forums :)

I too have a 3 year old and 8month old (who has 3 teeth coming through right now :( ) and it does get tough.

Just last night I had a mental breakdown about not spending enough time with the kids / not spending enough time with the husband / not getting enough work done.

Goals and routine help, and I totally agree with Bert’s reply to be upfront. I’m lucky (now) that my clients couldn’t care less – most have kids too. But before this I dealt with business owners and I found the hardest thing was keeping a professional front with a noisy 2 year old in the background. Sometimes she’d come right up to the phone, “Can I talk!? Can I talk!?” and my clients would be polite but I always felt that little bit judged for not having that I-can-only-hear-the-quiet-whoosh-of-an-office-air conditioner in the background kind of office.

I SO miss the day sleeps of my 3 year old when I used to get 3 hours work done without missing a beat.

The suggestions given to your thread are awesome and I would just add – be kind to yourself. Some weeks we fall apart. Some weeks we are super mum and super business woman. In the end, it will make for a great story to tell our kids when they’re older :)