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PPL Education, post: 204129 wrote:
This is a message for any mums out there who are trying to balance work and bubs. I simply adore my kids (3 years and 10 months old) however running a business from home and keeping up with the demands of being a mum are tricky. I seem to be having a hard time working out how much work is reasonable for me to take on. One week I get loads of work done, the next I have a teething baby and I get no sleep or work and frankly my clients really don’t see it as their problem (and I do see their perspective). If I had down time away from work then I will probably get forgotten and the clients will move on to someone else. Any advice from the seasoned business woman?

I am not a mother yet but I must first say kudos to you and what you do! Why are you getting nervous? You seem to be doing so well for yourself so don’t stress anything and do what you want to do. If it’s taking care of your kids then go ahead or if its working on your business, do that too!
You can do it!

With that said, what exactly do you do? And for how long? :)