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Hi Tliah,
Good advice above.

Critical Internet marketing issues:

The level of online competition is mission critical. There are only two ways people can find/view your information:

1. They know your address and go direct to it
2. They click a link to it.

You will need to assess how to acquire links to your site in search engines and in social media.

So do your research to learn:

  • Your competitors’ positioning, product range, prices (include delivery costs), promotional activity.
  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop your own Internet marketing strategy that side-steps their strengths

In competitive markets like “fashion”, you will need to be very clever if you don’t have a big budget to buy online ads.

Creating a very specific client and product focus is an area where small, newcomers can compete.

You could start your Internet marketing journey with a very tightly focussed product range. It is easier to get search engines and social media referrals if you start with one “fashion” product range.

“Fashion” is not a product. People search for products. If you were to start with one “fashion” category, what would it be? Eg:

  • What types of fashion dresses for what age women?
  • Would you offer a range of handbags? What styles would you target?
  • How about scarves as a “fasion” starting point?

“Fashion” products is a very long list.

You need to realise that the more focussed your initial “fashion” range, the easier it should be to attract people to it.

Then there is “location”. People think they can sell to the world on the Internet. In fact that is very, very hard because there are so many factors trying to deliver info to local audiences.

Don’t be greedy! You probably could not supply all the people in a major Australian city with whatever your range of products are. When you set up your online presence, start with a focus on your suburb/town, then city, state and country.

Now let me take you back to your research and encourage you to do some Google searches based on specific product categories and your location.

Eg: Try searching Google for:

  • fashion handbags Perth
  • fashion shoes Perth
  • fashion womens dresses Perth
  • fashion scarves Perth

No doubt there will be some of the big competitors but you will also see some single fashion product websites are listed in the search results. It will be easier to rank in the top 10 results for a “Perth” search word than a “Sydney” containing search phrase because there will be more competitors for “Sydney” than “Perth”.

You will probably find your biggest competitors can’t adopt this tactic.

This is just a start of the thinking and learning process for you.
Good luck and Regs,