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really good advice above.

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION , and its the same for the web, get a GREAT domain name eg: if you could have fashion.com.au ( which you can’t ) you would want it.

if you have to explain your domain name over the phone then do not use it, eg: fashionworx.com.au , you will do you head in constantly saying “ohh thats with an X at the end.

online costs: there are so many systems to chose from, there is FREE which is never good except if you start with ebay or etsy BUT you still need a domain profile to back it up IMO.

payment” how do you get paid? there are a few different levels depending on your turnover, small then start with paypal, medium move to eway dor com dot au, then consistent sales move to your own SSL shopping cart ( just google it )

i’m only new here so i don’t yet know the rules but on other forums i can place my phone number so i will and see if i get a slap on the rist ??

i do many ecom sites, all self managed by people who have NO clue as i train you, if you can post in a forum you can run your own ecom site

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